Pick Teams

Select a team from the Premier League and Championship to win their match each Game Round.

Earn Points

If your team wins away from home you get 4pts, Home win 3pts, Draw 1pt and a Loss is 0pts.

Win Prizes

The Players ending the Game with the most points win the Prizes

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Pick every Premiership and Championship team once within the defined game periods for chances to win prizes and take on your friends in our new Fantasy Sports Game. 4pts for an Away win, 3pts for a Home win, 1pt for a draw and 0pts for a loss. Make every Pick count!


Real Fan Reviews

From mascots, to epic moments, to fun competition, see why many are inviting their friends and family to play with them on Fantasy Fan Feud.

Finally a game that covers more than just the Premier League. Still exciting and doesnt take too much time to play and pick.

David S. Surrey

Great concept, easy to follow and can still support my local club financially even if I cant make the games.

Andrew D. London

Have been playing FanFeud before it came online and will continue to support the game. Great Fun with the footy lads.

Chris A. Leeds

FanFeud is a great one to play with the lads. The longer you play the more skill and planning you need to win!

Tom T. Kent

Easy to start with but once your options start running out you really have to plan the picks to stay on top!

Chris W. Herts

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Your team, your players, and your friends, all in one place. We make fantasy football fun and social, the way it was meant to be.