Rules, Terms and Conditions

Game Rules

1.    Points will be scored as follows:

There will be a minimum of 1 total pick per game round and a maximum or 6 total picks per game round (a “game round”) as defined by Fantasy Fan Feud from time to time. 

Players can only pick each Premiership and Championship once in each competition round (“Competition Period 1" starting on 14th August 2021 and ending on 31st December 2021 and "Competition Period 2" starting 8th Jan 2022 to 30th May 2022 or the end of the EPL and EFL Season) 

2.    Each game round in the Fantasy Fan Feud Competition closes 15 minutes before the kick-off time of the first fixture of each round. The list of fixtures and kick off times for each round can be viewed at the Fantasy Fan Feud Website "Fixtures" or "Pick a Team" sections. Once the game round has closed players cannot change their picks for the closed round. Once a pick has been submitted for an upcoming round it can be changed before the closing time via the Website, Mobile Site or Mobile Apps as applicable. Players must select the designated amount of teams per league (Premier League or Championship) for each game round and will accrue points based on the outcome of those picks as shown in the League table. If picks are missed in any given game round players will not be able to make up for the lost pick in future rounds.

3.    Game Rounds are created by Fantasy Fan Feud admin based on fixture calendars as distributed by the Premier League and Championship and provided by Opta.

4.    Fantasy Fan Feud endeavours to create Game Rounds according to when there is a full fixture in the Premiership, Championship or both within a defined period where there is no team playing twice. If teams are playing outside of a full fixture window these fixtures will not be included in the Game Rounds by Fantasy Fan Feud admin. 

5.    The Fantasy Fan Feud Official League prize winner will be determined at the end of each Competition Period as the player(s) who have accrued the most points in the Official Fantasy Fan Feud league over the Competition Period. For the avoidance of doubt the player with the Most points will win the "Prize" hospitality tickets to a Premier League or Champions League game of your choice played in the UK played no sooner than 2 months after the announcement of the Prize winner. Where two or more players finish the competition period with equal points scores the tiebreak will be will be determined as follows: Highest Points tally followed by Most away wins tally, Home Wins tally, Away goals tally, Home goals tally and Goal Difference. If there is still no clear winner taking into account these tallies both players with the highest score will be eligible for the prize.  

6.    The "Prize" hospitality ticket to a Premier League or Champions League game of your choice played in the UK will be awarded as a prize to the winner of the Official Fantasy Fan Feud League at the end of the Competition period. The Prize does not cover any travel or expenses incurred by the winner travelling or attending the chosen fixture.  

7.    Fantasy Fan Feud paid entries may create private leagues at a cost of £5 per private league entry up to maximum or 5 entries (total £25 per competition period). Players can compete directly against their chosen friends although Prizes are not awarded on the performance of Private leagues. Private Leagues can be used to boost player chances of winning by having multiple teams in the Official Fantasy Fan Feud League. 

8.   Players of Fantasy Fan Feud that are not paid entries are not able to create Private leagues and are not eligible support a chosen club financially although are eligible to win the "Prize". 

9. Fantasy Fan Feud operated by SportSweep Ltd: Local Club Support Promotion. FantasyFanFeud will donate £1,000 to a single club from Steps 1-6 of the English Football Pyramid at the end of each Competition Period as chosen by the top performing player whereby a minimum of 100 players have selected the team as their "Favourite Team". To be eligible for this promotion for your local club players must select a "Favourite Team" from the "My Account" section of their FantasyFanFeud account with a minimum of 100 players across the site selecting the club in the "Your Favourite Team" section of the account. The highest ranking player with a minimum of 100 "favourite team" selections across the site will win the donation for their club. 

10.  Fantasy Fan Feud operated by SportSweep Ltd will donate 25% of the revenue generated from each paid entry to their chosen club as selected on the "My Account" section of the site to help support the club. If a club does not accept the donation for any reason, the amount will be donated to a Charity as defined by SportSweep Ltd. If a player does not select a club to support financially the amount will be donated to a Charity as defined by SportSweep Ltd

11.    Fixture scores are provided by Opta. This data will be used to determine final league positions and winners of all prizes and League standings on Fantasy Fan Feud including the Fantasy Fan Feud League Competition, Mini Games, Public and Private Leagues.

12.   If any Fantasy Fan Feud fixture is postponed after a Game Round deadline has closed due to extreme weather, COVID Pandemic or reasons outside of our control, players will be awarded a default 0-0 draw and 1pt. 

13.  Where less than 90mins is played of a fixture that has kicked off and is abandoned or postponed mid-match the fixture will be considered a draw and players will be awarded a default 0-0 draw and 1pt.

14.    If a significant amount of Games are abandoned, postponed or not completed (where less than 90mins is played including where the original fixture date does not kick off) Fantasy Fan Feud reserves the right to cancel the Game Round and return the associated picks to players of the game. 

15.    Fantasy Fan Feud operated by SportSweep Ltd have the right to offer alternate prizes (or any part of them) for a prize of equivalent or greater monetary value where the Prize is no longer available or the option to attend due the COVID pandemic renders this impossible. 

16.   Fantasy Fan Feud operated by SportSweep Ltd will not be liable for prizes that do not reach the winners for reasons beyond its reasonable control.

17.    This website is an independent website we do not claim to be a sponsor of partner of the English Premier League, English Football League, UEFA or any other Football Federation. All prizes are sourced and provided by Fantasy Fan Feud operated by SportSweep Ltd.

18.    Prize winners will be contacted by SportSweep Ltd admin via the email address associated with the Fantasy Fan Feud user account. Prize Winners must provide proof of ownership of the Fantasy Fan Feud Account where a Prize has been won by sending a Photo ID matching the name in which the account has been set up, confirmation of the picks by the player for the winning period and setting a Display name in the winning account as designated by Fantasy Fan Feud Admin when contact is made to distribute the prize. Failure to comply with these requirements within 30 days of the request may result in forfeiture of the prize.


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